25 Agt 2010

I Apologize

     God Almighty, how i thankfull to the things that You've given to me. You gave everything that i want, but sometimes i do a stupid thing in my life. is it fair to You? mmmmhhh i think no. Your kindness is too much to me, and i have many mistakes.

I do apologizi to YOU
      I do appologize of it, My beloved   God. when i see the night sky, i know that i'm the little one. i am not anybody. i only a human being, yup...only a human being. i cried for my sins. i regret so much. i met you by Shalat... i admitted that i was so far from you. now i want to say to You "How i love You, How i can't walk this life without you" i  hold my promise tightly,,,, perhaps i can be a new one who can make You smile.

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  1. Semoga ini bukan hanya postingan d blog mas..Tapi, bisa tercermin di setiap perilaku mas nantinya..Menjalankan semua perintahNya dan menjauhi semua laranganNya


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